Monday, October 5, 2009


Eating habits

The first and most important way to help adolescents is through nutrition. One of the challenges is that kids have their own money these days and will often grab a snack at the fast food place. We can't control what they do when they are away from home, so when they are home for breakfast & dinner, make sure they eat healthy choices. Lots of fresh vegetables w/ranch dressing (it will be OK), pizza with vegetables as toppings, some fruit, lots of healthy proteins like nuts & eggs...easy on the cheese.

Mood Swings

One moment they're sweet and the next they are bugging you! They need an emotional and nutritional anchor. Liquid ionic minerals and protein can provide such an anchor. Minerals and proteins are the basic building blocks of neurotransmitters and hormones. When the neurotransmitters and hormones are balanced the moods swings will settle down. Another way of evening teens out is the combination of Blessed Thistle and Red Raspberry. These herbs can be given to girls and boys.

Sleep Patterns

Recent studies have shown that teens have both an increased need for sleep (almost as much as an infant) and a very abnormal sleep rhythm. They do much better if allowed to sleep until at least 9:00 AM, and if allowed to stay up till 11:00 PM or midnight. Their whole circadian rhythm is different from the rest of the world, it seems. This is grossly inconvenient. A protein-rich breakfast like eggs and whole grain toast, bagel, cereal bar or cereal will keep their energy during the morning. Protein snacks, like a trail-mix, will help to keep their energy up and running smoothly and avoid the pitfalls of blood-sugar dips.

Skin Problems

When acne is a problem, the solution is liver support and improved nutrition. If the junk food is reduced to a minimum, and blood purifiers like the herbal blends of Liv C or Oregon Grape are used internally, much can be cleared up. Elevated testosterone in both boys and girls can also be responsible for acne. Blessed thistle or black cohosh can counteract this. Excess dairy products especially cheese, refined sugar, white flour, junk food fats, and soft drinks all contribute to bad skin. Tea tree oil, pau d'arco lotion, or silver shield gel can be applied to blemishes with a cotton swab to both kill the bacteria and dry up the excess oils.

In everything you do, give thanks!