Sunday, November 9, 2008


In the movie, The Last Emperor, the Chinese doctors regulated the young Emperor's diet by examining his stool. Today few people pay attention to this, but we can learn to maintain better health by monitoring our elimination.

If we eat 3 meals a day, we really should be having 2-3 bowel movements a day. If not we're probably constipated and could benefit from a colon cleanse. Here are some guidelines..

1. It should be easy to eliminate. If you have to strain, then you need to increase water & fiber to your diet.
2. The shape is important. Your colon is a long, narrow tube and the stool should come out in that shape. Usually they will be banana or s-shape or like a thick piece of rope. If your stool is hard, dry balls then you are dehydrated & constipated.
3. They should not float but break up on flushing. If not then you are not digesting fats properly and the gall bladder could use some nourishment.

Just as our car engines need oil changes and radiator flushes, our body needs a cleanse to clear up the accumulation of waste products so that it will run smoother & more efficient. Our elimination organs were designed for eliminate, but a cleanse allows the body to cleanse its own tissues, break down old material, and eliminate it.

The best way to start this type of cleansing in the tissues is to fast. A 24 hour once per month is a good basic health building practice. For most people it is easiest to fast on juice. I recommend organic apple juice...4 oz throughout the day for 24-48 hours. Add a squirt of lemon to it.

Herbal options come in a variety of choices and these are my preferences:
2 capsules All Cell Detox or Enviro Detox 3X times day
2 capsules LBS or Gentle Move at dinner

Do this cleanse for 30 days at least once a year. Right before winter is a good time because then you will be clean and ready for the heavier foods that you will eat during the wintertime as you prepare your body to keep the fire burning & keep you warm on those chilly nights.

In all you do, give thanks!

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