Sunday, May 23, 2010

Mediterranean diet

The Mediterranean diet provides many positive effects on our health and it greatly affects our outlook on daily life. It boasts many vitamins and minerals from the fruits and vegetables and shuns the regular diet of red meats and junk foods that can bring health problems. People of all ages can eat the Mediterranean diet.

Building your body from a healthy diet provides you the nutrition to combat stress and help control stress attacks. With your brain fully functional and with a fit body, you are better prepared to take whatever challenges come your way.

The Mediterranean diet is easy on the budget because it is made up of the basic foods found in most supermarkets. They are easy to prepare and the food is delicious.

Start your day with a small protein like eggs or yogurt, breads and fruits.

Have an expresso, a glass of 100% juice, herbal tea and lots of water during your day.

Have a lunch of grilled fish with salad on the side sprinkled with extra virgin olive oil.

Eat small portions of lean meat in your dinner but with large serving of sautéed legumes and vegetables.

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