Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Organs & emotions...

Emotions come from the Latin word 'to move out'. It is emotions, not events, that cause stress related illness. The body treats everything as though it were real. It will not differentiate between reality or the thought. When we live in negative emotions, it can weaken the body and there is a general correlation between organs and emotions.

irritated bladder

resentment/bitterness gallbladder

shock heart

fear kidney

being stuck large intestine

anger liver

grief lung

being vulnerable small intestine

disgust stomach

confusion thyroid

stress adrenal

apathy & unresponsive reproductive

Positive emotions such as love, forgiveness, friendship and faith will strengthen the body.

Ask God to help you get free from living in destructive emotions so that you can get past your trauma and live life in the present with an expectation of hope for your future. Ask Him to show you where you need to change and let Him help you. He is the one who knows you inside out & has access to every moment of your life as though it were the present.

He can help you access that time and be your very present help. Our faith can cause situations in time to shift.

Recommended reading:
Toxic Emotions Dr Colbert

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