Sunday, November 15, 2009

Autumn months...

Now is the time to drink more herbal teas...

Peppermint...good for your digestive tract
Ginger...warming for your circulation
Detox...gentle cleansing & you'll never know it!

Two favorite brands are:

They are even available at Walmart! Spend less, buy more!

Eat foods in season...

Apples & pears
Grapefruit has just come into the stores & they are juicylicious!
Pumpkin...I like pies & pumpkin spice lattes...ha, you'll be OK!
Squash & sweet potatoes....even a sweet potato pie w/ brown sugar

Look up some crock pot recipes for stews & soups to carry you into the winter. Not as much salad but instead some warmed veggies.

In everything you do, give thanks!

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